cattle bale feeders

Bale Feeder / Calf Shelter

Cows feed out of 14' two bale feeder while calves keep warm and safely not underfoot in the 10' calf shelter. When bales are almost gone just slide the calf shelter over the remaining hay for fresh bedding for the calves. Bale feeder will save you hay and the whole unit is "Built Stronger to Last Longer" like all Rancher's products.

Windbreak Calf Shelter


This shelter is built to be used with our windbreaks. It is tall like the windbreak with an angled front and a door for easy entry. This design will not allow the wind to blow through your windbreak like it does with the shorter calf shelters.

Calf Shelter with Sky Lights


This calf shelter is fully sheeted with a lifting bar on the top. It has two sky lights on each end of the top to let the light in which is more inviting to calves than a dark space.


This calf shelter will protect your calves and withstand the wind and not be blown over. It is 20' long.

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