horse bale feeders

Tombstone Bale Feeder

8'6" x 8'6"

Tombstone Bale Feeders are made with heavy duty pipe and square tubing that can't be bent or broke. It has the raised ends for easy moving. You can get the Tombstone Bale Feeder as a one bale feeder or a two bale feeder.

One Bale Basket Horse Feeder

The Basket Horse Feeder was designed from a customer's idea. He wanted to be able to feed his horses and not have a large hay loss. He wanted to make sure their manes were not going to be rubbed off too. So we designed this Basket Horse Feeder with all those ideas in mind and based it off of our Hay Saving Bale Feeders. This is built with heavy duty pipe and will last you for years to come. You can get it as a one bale or two bale.


Two Bale Basket Horse Feeder

8'6" x 14'

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