Squeeze Chutes

Styles:    • ALL  AROUND  •  MAVERICK

Made by Blattner

The New "All Around" Squeeze Chute!


  • Double sided squeeze
  • Double side exit
  • Overhead linkage
  • Partially Sheeted access



  • Access gates are removable
  • Double locking vertical tailgate or bi-fold tailgate
  • Self catch head gate that can be operated manually
  • Neck access without having to open gate
  • Rumbler flooring

 The "Maverick" Squeeze Chute!



  • All steel construction
  • Rumbler floor (Reduces slippage and noise)
  • Features a front & side exit,  self catch head-gate and double locking tailgate
  • Quick and easy drop bars
  • Double sided squeeze
  • Neck access area
  • Portable attachments available
  • Friction latch on squeeze allows for constant pressure on the latch so you don't have to go to the next step or gear like the ratcheting style
  • Bottom access drops down half way or you can remove them completely

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