Loading Chutes

Portable - Permanent - Folding Floor - Side by Side

CIMARRON Portable Load Chute

Features a tongue hitch that easily unpins and slides to side and an adjustable height hand crank.  Pivots to prevent an uneven dock in loading and unloading and carries 20 (max 38) of our Cimarron portable panels.  Features traction surface "rumber" floor.

PERMANENT Loading Chute

  • Solid sheet metal slides
  • HD Construction
  • Rumber floor (better traction and quieter)
  • Large pivot for uneven trailer alignment
  • Man gate at the top of the chute
  • Drivers side gate will block off cattle flow
  • Expanded metal catwalk
  • 32" inside width
  • 14' L x 66" W x 10'6" T

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